OPENing Board Game


Welcome to the UUCA OPENing life-size board game. You will be a time traveler moving between the present day and twenty years into the future.

Use the “Throw dice” button or your actual dice to figure out what number of spaces to move ahead. Look at the date on the space you land on, and look up that date in your booklet or website (the dates are arranged by month, as each month has a different theme). Follow the instructions you find for that date. The instructions will tell you what to do to continue in the game (often that will mean rolling again, but not always!).

This game is not designed to be “winnable.” It is only designed to be fun. Don’t worry if you don’t get to 9/2032. Every date is special in its own way, and that one does not count as a winning space. Some spaces will instruct you to go forward, or backward, or off the path entirely. You can get on and off the path at any point. If you see something else that looks interesting, go try it! You can always hop back on the game path in another time or place. After all, you are a time traveler. Go forth and travel!

January: Scavenger Hunt. (Walk around the game board to find what is described. Then roll from whatever space you are on when you find it.)

1/2013: Find a sign that says “Please close gate.”

1/2014: Find a chalice on a wooden sign.

1/2015: Find 28 trees in a line.

1/2016: Find a wall with 16 windows.

1/2017: Find a maple tree the width of two people.

1/2018: Find a tree with berries on it.

1/2019: Find some CAUTION tape.

1/2020: Find a street sign starting with “B” and “C.”

1/2021: Find the pole marked “FX11” and “R21.”

1/2022: Find a roof covered in moss.

1/2023: Find an oddly shaped birdhouse near a tree with an oblong knothole.

1/2024: Find a stop sign with a yellow X on the back.

1/2025: Find a garden planted for John S. Boyce, Jr.

1/2026: Find a “Parking in Rear” sign.

1/2027: Find some poison ivy (but don’t touch it!). Hint: “Leaves of three, let it be.”

1/2028: Find a rain barrel.

1/2029: Find a cactus.

1/2030: Find some flowers.

1/2031: Find some graffiti.

1/2032: Find a low, curving stone wall with a wooden wall behind it.

February: Questions with Answers. (If you answer correctly, roll three times and add your rolls together to move that many spaces forward. If you answer incorrectly, just roll once. Answers are given at the bottom of the webpage, or the last page of the booklet.)

2/2013: Which is greater (in total number of cells), your body or all the bacteria that live in and on your body?

a. Your body has about 10 trillion cells, vs. 1 trillion bacterial cells in and on you.

b. Your body has about 10 trillion cells, vs. 100 trillion bacterial cells in and on you.

c. Your body has about 10 trillion cells, vs. 10 trillion bacterial cells in and on you.

d. This question is too disgusting to contemplate.

2/2014: In what year was UUCA founded?

a. 1937

b. 1950

c. 1963

d. 2012

2/2015: How many Unitarian presidents has the USA had?

a. Five, if you count Thomas Jefferson

b. Zero

c. Three, if you count Thomas Jefferson

d. Seven, if you count Thomas Jefferson and Barack Obama

2/2016: When was the first Universalist organization in North Carolina started?

a. 1797

b. 1827

c. 1897

d. 1927

2/2017: Who was the first minister at UUCA?

a. Rev. Dr. Tracy M. Pullman

b. Rev. Trenton White

c. Rev. Harvey Fishman

d. Rev. Daniel M. Welch

2/2018: Who was the first woman to head the UUA, and when?

a. Dana McLean Greeley, 1961

b. Laurel Hallman, 2009

c. Rachael Adams, 1955

d. No woman has yet been elected UUA President

2/2019: When did women get the vote in the USA?
a. 1865

b. 1890

c. 1913

d. 1920

2/2020: How many sources do UUs draw from?

a. One source (unitary), the conscience of the individula

b. The seven principles are our sources

c. Six categories that comprise a wide range of personal beliefs and global traditions

d. Infinity

2/2021: Where was the first Unitarian church building in Asheville?

a. 120 Vermont Ave in West Asheville

b. The current building is the first

c. The chuch building across Charlotte St, before we outgrew it

d. 10 Wall Street in downtown Asheville

2/2022: Who brought the Unitarians and Universalists together, and when?

a. The ministers of their respective bodies, starting from the 1850s

b. The women’s groups of their respective bodies, starting from the 1920s

c. The youth groups of their respective bodies, starting from the 1930s

d. The African Americans of their respective bodies, starting from the 1960s

2/2023: What history do UUs and UCCs (United Church of Christ) have in common?

a. They both have roots in English Methodism

b. They both have roots in New England Puritanism

c. They share a bishop in the World Council of Churches

d. Neither one believes Jesus is God.

2/2024: The word "spirit" comes from the Latin word for

a. host

b. ghost

c. breath

d. death

2/2025: Why is Transylvania important to UUs?

a. Bram Stoker was a Universalist

b. In the 16th century, it was a haven for Unitarians and religious tolerance

c. Transylvania County, NC, was an early Universalist hotspot

d. It’s just an inside joke

2/2026: In 1863 the first female Universalist Minister was ordained. What was her name?

a. Molly Pitcher

b. Edith Quails

c. Deborah Sampson

d. Olympia Brown

2/2027: In what year did the UUA General Assembly affirm same-sex marriage?

a. 1999

b. 1981

c. 1996

d. 1989

2/2028: What is the name of the comprehensive sexuality education program published by the Unitarian Universalist Association and United Church of Christ?

a. OWL (Our Whole Lives)

b. AYS (About Your Sexuality)

c. CANT (Concerning All Naked Truths)

d. SIPOL (Sex is Part of Life)

2/2029: UUCA helped to found a congregation in what town?

a. Hendersonville

b. Brevard

c. Waynesville

d. Black Mountain

2/2030: When did UUCA change its name to the “Unitarian Universality Congregation of Asheville”?

a. It’s been called that from the beginning.

b. When the Unitarians and Universalists merged in 1961.

c. In the last year.

d. Trick question. UUCA stands for “UU Church of Asheville.”

2/2031: Rev Mark Ward, before he became a UU minister, was which of the following?

a. A newspaper journalist

b. A local TV news anchor

c. A Roman Catholic

d. All of the above

2/2032: What was on the current site of UUCA before the current building was built?

a. The Edwin family farm

b. The previous Unitarian church building

c. Houses

d. A Universalist burial ground

March: Deeper Questions. (Think for as long as you need. There are no right or wrong answers here. When you are ready, roll again.)

3/2013: Can actions ever be completely evil? Can thoughts be evil?

3/2014: If you were in a coma, unable to move or communicate but still able to imagine, would you want to be kept alive? Have you told anyone your wishes?

3/2015: Are there some drugs that are currently illegal that should be legal? Vice versa?

3/2016: Was Jesus a good role model?

3/2017: Who’s your favorite teacher? Have you ever told them?

3/2018: If you could time travel, when would you go to?

3/2019: Do you approve or disapprove of using “they” as a replacement for “he or she”?

3/2020: Do you know about child labor and slavery in the production of chocolate?

3/2021: Is it better to have loved and lost or never to have loved at all?

3/2022: Which is your favorite mythical god?

3/2023: Do you believe that inherent worth and dignity should be extended to non-human creatures? Which ones and why? Or why not?

3/2024: Which is worse, an unfair election or no election at all?

3/2025: What is your favorite food that is made with the help of a microorganism (e.g., cheese, bread)? Take a moment to be thankful for single-celled creatures.

3/2026: Would the world be a better or worse place without religion?

3/2027: If a genie offered you three wishes, would you accept? If so, what would you wish for? If not, why not?

3/2028: Why do children get taught about kings and princesses before they learn about presidents and protesters?

3/2029: What would you be willing to be arrested for? die for?

3/2030: What is the object of the game of life? Can you think of another game with the same object?

3/2031: What does the word for “word” mean?

3/2032: What part of Sunday worship gives you the most ideas to think about?

April: Jokes & Riddles. (These are just for fun. Read them and roll again.)

4/2013: Q. What two things do UUs and Dracula have in common?
A. They both have origins in Translyvania and they both shy away from the cross.

4/2014: An airplane was about to crash and the flight attendant asked a UU minister on board to pray. The minister responded, "Let us all join hands for silent meditation."

4/2015: Hearing that a great flood was coming, Roman Catholics fondled their rosaries, Methodists joined in prayer, but UU's formed a class to try to learn to live under water.

4/2016: Three children were talking about their religions. "I'm a Catholic," said one, "and our symbol is the cross." "I'm Jewish," said the second, "and our symbol is the Star of David." The third child said, "I'm a Unitarian Universalist and our symbol is a candle in a cocktail glass!"

4/2017: The children in a UU church school class were drawing pictures. The teacher asked one, "What are you drawing a picture of?" "I'm drawing a picture of God," was the reply. But nobody knows what God looks like," objected the teacher. "They will," said the UU child, "when I get my picture done."

4/2018: A group of UU church school children were trying to determine the sex of a rabbit. "There's only one way to decide," said one child, "let's take a vote on it."

4/2019: A man was being given a tour of Hell by the Devil. "This is the area where we keep people who have violated the food taboos of their religion", the Devil said. "Behind this first door are the Catholics. These are the ones who ate meat on Friday. Behind the second door are the Jews. They all ate pork. Behind the third door are the Unitarians." The man looked puzzled. The Devil clarified, "They ate their entree with their salad fork."

4/2020: Q. How many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb?
A. There is no fixed number but the committee must have a quorum.

4/2021: Q. How many Unitarians does it take to change a light bulb?
A. First, let's decide just what we mean by lightbulb, and how one might be changed . . . And let us examine whether it truly acknowledges the dignity and worth of the light bulb to ask it to change.

4/2022: A street corner evangelist rhetorically asked a passer-by, "Friend -- do you know what path leads to the denial of God and Christ straight into the arms of heathenism and atheism?" "Oh, sure," said the passer-by. "The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is just two blocks that way."

4/2023: The copy machine broke down at the Unitarian Universalist church -- a disaster of biblical proportions! Because it was Sunday, no repair person could be called until the next day, and they desperately needed more copies of the morning hymn. After fluttering around the machine in distress for some time, a member more mechanically inclined than the rest found the problem. "It's just out of paper. The flashing box said right there 'Replace Paper in Tray 2.' Sheesh, can't anyone here follow directions?" Another member retorted, "If we were the kind of people who followed directions we wouldn't be Unitarian Universalists!"

4/2024: Q. What's the difference between a Unitarian and a Universalist?
A.Universalists think that God is too good to send them to hell. Unitarians think that they are too good for God to send them to hell.

4/2025: Q. Why can’t UUs sing very well in choirs?
A. Because they’re always reading ahead to see if they agree with the next verse.

4/2026: A little Unitarian Universalist girl was sitting on the curb in front of her house with a sad look on her face. An older lady happened upon her and asked her why she looked so sad. The girl replied, “My kitty cat died.” The older woman, trying to be helpful, said to the little girl, “I know you’re sad, but right now your kitty cat is with Jesus.” The girl crinkled her nose for a second and replied, “What would Jesus want with a dead cat?”

4/2027: Q. What do you call a Unitarian Universalist without any eyes?
A. A Untaran Unversalst.

4/2028: Q. Why wouldn’t Ralph Waldo Emerson ever let his dentist give him Novocain?
A. Because he wanted to transcend dental medication.

4/2029: Q. How are UUs like Jalapeno Peppers?
A. One or two gives real spice to a dish, but a whole bunch together will bring tears to your eyes.

4/2030: Q. What did the Zen master say to the New York hotdog vendor?
A. "Make me one with everything."

4/2031: Q. What does it mean if you see a UU kneeling with her head bowed?
A. It means that she is tying her shoelace.

4/2032: Q. What's the definition of UU diversity?
A. Four colors of Priuses in the church parking lot.

May: Fun Things to Do. (Never be afraid to act silly. Follow the instructions, then roll again.)

5/2013: Sing a favorite UU song.

5/2014: Pretend to be a moose (or mUUse).

5/2015: Make the sound of your favorite wild animal, repeatedly.

5/2016: Perform a round of the Hokey Pokey.

5/2017: Skip around in a circle.

5/2018: Do ten jUUmping jacks.

5/2019: Give yourself a big hug.

5/2020: Take your shoes and socks off and stand on the grass or dirt.

5/2021: Whistle or hum “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

5/2022: See how fast you can say the alphabet backwards.

5/2023: Put your arms out and pretend to be an airplane (sound effects are necessary).

5/2024: Roll again. For the next three rolls, hop on one foot to the next space.

5/2025: Roll again. Walk backwards to your destination.

5/2026: Do some yoga or stretching toward the sky.

5/2027: Pretend your die is a person and dance with it.

5/2028: Mime juggling or some other activity.

5/2029: Think of a joke you know (or see the April list). Turn it into a little song you can sing.

5/2030: Spin around until you get dizzy.

5/2031: Lie on the ground and look up at the sky for a little while.

5/2032: Laugh like something is really amazingly funny.

June: Time Travel. (Go forward or backward the number of spaces instructed, then do what’s on that space.)

6/2013: Go forward 13 months.

6/2014: Go forward 5 months.

6/2015: Go backward 13 months.

6/2016: Go forward 6 months.

6/2017: Go forward 3 months.

6/2018: Go backward 11 months.

6/2019: Go forward 13 months.

6/2020: Go forward 4 months.

6/2021: Go backward 3 months.

6/2022: Go forward 12 months.

6/2023: Go forward 1 month.

6/2024: Go backward 8 months.

6/2025: Go forward 17 months.

6/2026: Go forward 9 months.

6/2027: Go backward 14 months.

6/2028: Go forward 2 months.

6/2029: Go forward 8 months.

6/2030: Go backward 22 months.

6/2031: Go forward 7 months.

6/2032: Go forward 3 months.

July: Off Road. (Check out some of the other activities here at OPENing. Look at your schedule & map for details. Come back to this space and roll again later, or rejoin the game at any other space you like!)

7/2013: Go check out the performance at the Playground Stage.

7/2014:  Take a mediative walk through the Labyrinth.

7/2015: Have a free drink at the Fair Trade Café.

7/2016: See what’s going on on the front lawn.

7/2017: Get a henna tattoo.

7/2018: Spend a quiet moment in the Tech Free Meditation Space.

7/2019: Share a song or listen to music.

7/2020: Make some visual art, or take some in.

7/2021: Find a workshop that speaks to you, and make sure you get to it.

7/2022: Visit the Memorial Garden and remember those you’ve lost.

7/2023: Get something to eat!

7/2024: Share a story at the Story Corps station.

7/2025: Check out the tech in Sandburg Hall.

7/2026: Visit Jefferson House and see what’s going on.

7/2027: Visit 23 Edwin and look around.

7/2028: See what’s happening in the Sanctuary.

7/2029: Help create the sand mandala in Jefferson House.

7/2030: Break some pottery behind Jefferson House (or put it back into a mosaic).

7/2031: Update your ACS data in Sandburg Hall.

7/2032: Greet someone at the Welcome Tent and show them around.

August: UU Stuff (Answer these questions, if you dare! Then roll again.)

8/2013: What is your UU elevator speech?

8/2014: What’s an example of principle one (the inherent worth and dignity of every person) in action?

8/2015: What’s an example of principle two (justice, equity and compassion in human relations) in action?

8/2016: What’s an example of principle three (acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations) in action?

8/2017: What’s an example of principle four (a free and responsible search for truth and meaning) in action?

8/2018: What’s an example of principle five (the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large) in action?

8/2019: What’s an example of principle six (world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all) in action?

8/2020: What’s an example of principle seven (respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part) in action?

8/2021: What does the chalice symbol mean to you?

8/2022: What is something you’ve learned from the first source (direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life)?

8/2023: What is something you’ve learned from the second source (words and deeds of prophetic women and men which challenge us to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love)?

8/2024: What is something you’ve learned from the third source (wisdom from the world's religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life)?

8/2025: What is something you’ve learned from the fourth source (Jewish and Christian teachings which call us to respond to God's love by loving our neighbors as ourselves)?

8/2026: What is something you’ve learned from the fifth source (Humanist teachings which counsel us to heed the guidance of reason and the results of science, and warn us against idolatries of the mind and spirit)?

8/2027: What is something you’ve learned from the sixth source (spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature)?

8/2028: What Unitarian, Universalist, or UU heroes do you have?

8/2029: What’s your favorite song from one of the UU hymnals?

8/2030: What power would a UU superhero have?

8/2031: What’s your favorite UU ritual or tradition?

8/2032: Have you ever been to a UU retreat or camp (like SUUSI, SWIM, or the Mountain)? If not, find out more. There’s a lot more UU fun to be had!

September: Find Somebody. (Find someone nearby—you may have to leave your square. Ask them nicely if they will participate in an activity. When you are done, thank them. Then you can return to the square you left and roll again.)

9/2012: Find someone nearby. Ask them why they came to OPENing. Tell them why you came, too.

9/2013: Find someone nearby. Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with them.

9/2014: Find someone nearby. Tell them what you believe about God. Ask if they’d be willing to share what they believe.

9/2015: Find someone nearby. Play tic-tac-toe with them.

9/2016: Find someone nearby. Hop a one-legged race against them.

9/2017:  Find someone else playing the Game. Mime a sword fight (or lightsaber duel) with them. Then make peace and give each other a hug.

9/2018: Find someone nearby and mime a game of ping pong with them.

9/2019: Find someone nearby and teach them a song you learned as a child, or a schoolyard rhyme.

9/2020: Find somebody and tell them you love them.

9/2021: Find someone who has signed up to be an organ donor.

9/2022: Find someone who has planted something in the last month.

9/2023: Find somebody and play a hand clap/pattycake game with them.

9/2024: Find somebody and thumb wrestle or arm wrestle them.

9/2025: Find someone nearby. Tell them what you believe about death and/or the afterlife. Ask if they’d be willing to share what they believe.

9/2026: Find someone nearby. Ask them why they are a UU. Tell them why you are one.

9/2027: Find someone nearby. Tell them what you think will be the essence of a thriving and inspiring UU congregation in 20 years.

9/2028: Find someone nearby. Ask them what their favorite book is.

9/2029: Find someone nearby. Ask them what their favorite game is.

9/2030: Find someone nearby. Pretend to be a ghost and haunt them.

9/2031: Find someone nearby. Ask if you can give them a hug. If they say yes, give them a hug!

9/2032: You are now at OPENing 2052. Find someone and tell them what you imagine a thriving UU congregation will be like 20 years from 2032.

October: Which do You Prefer? (Choose which you prefer and follow the instructions. Note that no value judgment is placed on either choice.)

10/2012: If you prefer vampires, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer werewolves, move back 3 spaces.

10/2013: If you prefer the moon, move ahead 4 spaces. If you prefer the sun, move back 4 spaces.

10/2014: If you prefer cake, move ahead 2 spaces. If you prefer pie, move back 3 spaces.

10/2015: If you prefer dogs, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer cats, move back 4 spaces.

10/2016: If you prefer sweet pickles, move ahead 5 spaces. If you prefer sour pickles, move back 5 spaces.

10/2017: If you prefer classical music or jazz, move ahead 4 spaces. If you prefer rock or pop music, move back 2 spaces.

10/2018: If you prefer wearing socks, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer not wearing socks, move back 5 spaces.

10/2019: If you prefer video games, move ahead 2 spaces. If you prefer card games or board games, move back 1 space.

10/2020: If you prefer bicycles, move ahead 7 spaces. If you prefer tricycles, move back 4 spaces.

10/2021: If you prefer going to the beach, move ahead 2 spaces. If you prefer going to the city, move back 3 spaces.

10/2022: If you prefer chocolate ice cream, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer vanilla ice cream, move back 2 spaces.

10/2023: If you prefer the journey, move ahead 5 spaces. If you prefer the desination, move back 4 spaces.

10/2024: If you prefer hot weather, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer cold weather, move ahead 5 spaces.

10/2025: If you prefer the heart, move back 2 spaces. If you prefer the mind, move back 3 spaces.

10/2026: If you prefer hawks, move back 7 spaces. If you prefer handsaws, move back 4 spaces.

10/2027: If you prefer chairs, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer couches, move ahead 5 spaces.

10/2028: If you prefer Star Wars, move ahead 3 spaces. If you prefer Star Trek, move back 3 spaces.

10/2029: If you prefer paintings, move ahead 4 spaces. If you prefer sculpture, move back 4 spaces.

10/2030: If you prefer red, move back 5 spaces. If you prefer blue, move back 3 spaces.

10/2031: If you prefer left, move ahead 4 spaces. If you prefer right, move ahead 3 spaces.

November: Name Twenty. (You don’t have to come up with all twenty, but you can move forward as many spaces as you can name, with twenty as the maximum.)

11/2012: Name twenty past, present, and/or future world leaders.

11/2013: Name twenty places you’d like to see before you die.

11/2014: Name twenty people who you love.

11/2015: Name twenty things you’ve learned to do in the past 5 years.

11/2016: Name twenty letters of the alphabet (or any other alphabet).

11/2017: Name twenty ways to describe the divine (that’s one already!).

11/2018: Name twenty colors.

11/2019: Name twenty vegetables.

11/2020: Name twenty people you respect or admire.

11/2021: Name twenty sciences or fields of study.

11/2022: Name twenty things that have been invented in the past twenty years.

11/2023: Name twenty different animals.

11/2024: Name twenty artists, musicians, and/or writers.

11/2025: Name twenty nice things you could do for other people.

11/2026: Name twenty things you like about the place you live (town, region, country, planet).

11/2027: Name twenty things you’ve done that you’re proud of.

11/2028: Name twenty of your ancestors.

11/2029: Name twenty things you’d change about the world if you could.

11/2030: Name twenty countries.

11/2031: Name twenty things you think will be different twenty years from now.

December: Imaginings. (Close your eyes, clear your mind, and take a few moments to us your imagination before you roll again.)

12/2012: Take a moment to imagine what the world would be like without music.

12/2013: Take a moment to imagine what the world would be like without color.

12/2014: Imagine you are at the top of a mountain.

12/2015: Imagine you are at the top of a tall-masted sailing ship.

12/2016: Imagine you are at the bottom of an erupting volcano.

12/2017: Pretend to be the weather.

12/2018: Close your eyes and try to bring to mind a favorite piece of visual art.

12/2019: Imagine what this landscape might have looked like a thousand years ago.

12/2020: A virus is not even a cell. Is it alive? What other non-cellular life (or near-life) can you imagine?

12/2021: If you had to be a bird, what kind of bird would you choose to be?

12/2022: Imagine you are a tree. What do you like best about being a tree?

12/2023: When (if ever) is daydreaming a waste of time?

12/2024: Imagine your favorite childhood toy? Does it still exist?

12/2025: Imagine you have mislaid some common object. Where is the first place you would look for it?

12/2026: Imagine what your life would be like if you were a different gender.

12/2027: Imagine you can fly, and do some flying for a while.

12/2028: Imagine you are a creature from another world. How hard is it to figure out what is going on around you?

12/2029: Imagine living in a country without the advantages you take for granted. Could you be happy there?

12/2030: Imagine what this block might look like in 200 years.

12/2031: Imagine what your life would be like if you had a different sexual orientation.

Answers for February Questions

2/2013: b. Your body has about 10 trillion cells, vs. 100 trillion bacterial cells in and on you.

2/2014: b. 1950

2/2015: a. Five, if you count Thomas Jefferson

2/2016: b. 1827

2/2017: d. Rev. Daniel M. Welch

2/2018: d. No woman has yet been elected UUA President

2/2019: d. 1920

2/2020: c. Six categories that comprise a wide range of personal beliefs and global traditions

2/2021: a. 120 Vermont Ave in West Asheville

2/2022: c. The youth groups of their respective bodies, starting from the 1930s

2/2023: b. They both have roots in New England Puritanism

2/2024: c. breath

2/2025: b. In the 16th century, it was a haven for Unitarians and religious tolerance

2/2026: d. Olympia Brown

2/2027: c. 1996

2/2028: a. OWL (Our Whole Lives)

2/2029: d. Black Mountain

2/2030: c. In the last year.

2/2031: a. A newspaper journalist

2/2032: c. Houses